Plot 25A Mukubira Road Makerere, Kampala, Uganda

Wireless And Radio Services

We install and service Radio Base Station and Microwave equipment for local GSM service providers. From site surveys, Microwave link installation to RF and baseband troubleshooting. From software configurations, AC/DC power supply connections to external / environmental alarms settings and testing. We are trained in PDH and SDH microwave radio installation, configuration and maintenance. With skills in various vendor Radio Base Stations, we are always pleased to support all equipment for voice and data applications

RAN & TX Ad-hoc & Maintenance Works

RF ( Radio Frequency)/Network Fault repairs and site restorations, Site Upgrades and Optimization

Microwave Network Installation

New Microwave Link installations, configurations, alignment, realignment & Commissioning.

Site Co-location

We Install multiple mobile telecommunications antennas for telecom

Network Fault Repairs

Radio Frequency/Network Fault repairs & site restorations