Plot 25A Mukubira Road Makerere, Kampala, Uganda

Reliable Services

Over the years we have worked with ISP and telecom operators to bring their services close to where people reside or work. Our various engineering teams are experienced in most common transmission systems delivering Voice, data and video over high-speed transmission links

  • Radio and wireless network installation.
  • Fibre to home / between buildings.
  • 3G/4G RBS Installations Configurations, Commissioning and Network Optimization.
  • Microwave link installation to RF and baseband troubleshooting.

Why Choose Us


Our human and technological resources are always up to date and able to deliver.

We employ advanced technologies and our experienced staff add a tinge of assurance on our service delivery.


Professionals keep deadlines

Understanding how delays in service delivery can lead to unplanned costs, We are always ahead of the schedule.

National Wide Experience

From central to the remote regions

We have worked with ISPs in extending telecommunications services to the remote areas of the country.